Avenues of Waco began as a dream in the hearts of two couples who have travelled around the world. One thing we’ve learned is that, whether deep in the heart of Texas or overseas in the Middle-East, hospitality is a common language we all share. We’ve been taking notes along the way, and we want to welcome those visiting Waco from near and far.

Welcoming people into our home is a gift. We want you to enjoy everything Waco has to offer: drinking at the Dr. Pepper Museum, eating chocolate chip cookies from Lula Janes, watching the Baylor Bears play their hearts out, attending a service at Church Under the Bridge, or of course, shopping at Magnolia Market—all things you only get to experience here in Waco, Texas.

We’re proud of our growing and thriving city. Avenues sits in the epicenter of this growth, and we are thrilled that our downtown location offers guests a chance to experience the melting pot of our neighborhood, the downtown corridor, and the thousands of visitors that Waco attracts each week. In our neighborhood, people of all ages, incomes, and interests live and work together, enriching its culture.

We want you to know that you are a large part of the impact we make in our neighborhood, city, and even other nations around the world. A portion of the profits from your stay will go toward initiatives like supporting reading programs for local students, providing essential items for local shelters, and investing in international development. Ultimately, we desire for our presence on the corner of 8th and Ross to be more than a place to stay, but a home that gives back to the community of Waco and beyond. Whether you are here on business, visiting family and friends, or coming to see the sights of Waco, we hope you find rest and inspiration during your stay. So, relax, take a walk along the Brazos River, try to spot Chip and Jo, and enjoy the hospitality at Avenues and Waco!